The Invasion of the Giant Jaffa Cake

So when Delicious magazine dropped on my doorstep this month it came with a recipe for a Giant Jaffa Cake – after showing my sister she decided it would be a more than appropriate birthday cake. Looking at the recipe I couldn’t say no – how hard could it be? The only challenge was making the jelly vegan or at least halal. Fortunately, the power of the internet provides when one is in need. A quick search and some halal orange jelly was on its way to me, I toyed with the idea of a fat-less sponge and then decided against it as they simply don’t last more than a day and I needed to make the sponge the night before.

The answer to the how hard can it be? Really not hard at all – even working with the jelly wasn’t a hard as I first thought it would be. I amended the quantities to 3/4 the recipe as my pan wasn’t quite big enough and ended up with a little jelly left over for the nieces and nephews.

If you fancy having a go yourself there are a number of sponge recipes you could use but I found the one offered by tastemade.co.uk is the easiest to use.

There are loads of different kinds of jellies out there so you are bound to find a version to suit your dietary requirements – I supplemented 100ml of orange juice in the jelly and added some zest to boost the flavour.

You will need either a frying pan that goes in the oven or a 24cm cake tin for the sponge and something a bit smaller for the jelly.

I have to say I wasn’t overly tidy with my chocolate and ended up laying it on a bit thick but the fridge will always sort that out for you!

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