Celebrate World Mental Health Day

The 10th of October marks the 28th World Mental Health Day – and whilst it is already trending on twitter its a timely reminder to start thinking about how we can celebrate it. Here are 5 suggestions you might want to give a go.

  1. Tea and Talk is the Mental Health Foundation’s 11th annual get together to raise mental health awareness if you would like to take part or find out more please check out their page for suggestions and downloadable Tea and Talk Virtual Resources
  2. Pick up the phone and call someone – worried about someone you know? technology has broken down the barriers – even though we are stuck being able to see people face to face we can still talk on the phone. There are plenty of support services you can seek advice from there are also plenty of support services available if you fear for their wellbeing.
  3. Face to Face contact is not encouraged at the moment but sometimes its the only way – if the distance is not an issue then I strongly suggest picking up a packet of biscuits on the way and putting the kettle on.
  4. Write a letter to your future self explaining that the struggles you face will all be worth it. It might be hard to do as seeing an end to the pain you are facing at the moment but it will help you assess your current situation and may even give you guidance for the future.
  5. Although the 10th of October is the official World Mental Health Day – it is not to be forgotten the rest of the year – we should be celebrating it everyday!

I hope you all have a good day, if you fancy leaving a comment below or joining the conversation at facebook.com/onlynomeswriting or twitter.com/nomeswriting

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