The Transitional Paths We Take

Kate wanted to share a piece of writing she recently penned when thinking about the changing weather. Its a slightly sketchy haiku.

Frigid wintertime
A transitional leaf calls
at the old hammer.

She then continues to muse…

As we transition into winter, the days grow shorter and colder, we start to change paths. As scary as it may seem you need to trust the process of life and learning, taking that leap may feel terrifying but it’s for a positive end.

Even if you end up learning what not to do next time the lesson is still learnt and it gives you the experience to move on and try again. Being open and honest with your failures is important so you can learn how to improve on future opportunities.

Writing little pep talks are awesome if you just need a quick reminder of your reason and direction – keep them in a notebook or saved in a file on your computer somewhere for that pick-me-up we sometimes need.

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