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Support For All – Right?

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Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a support network although I do – I think its important to offer a helping hand to others that require a little guidance. However life changes and you realise that there are issues that need to be dealt with that means you have to put a pausing on helping so you can be your best version of you. This can be hard to accept when you are so used to looking after others and helping others ignoring your own emotional needs.

Its unfortunate that there are people who feel marginalised and that there isn’t enough support out there for them but trust me if you have experienced it then someone else probably has too. They don’t say put the mask on yourself first before helping others for no reason, its important to make sure you are looking after number one, it sounds like an alien concept but its true for too long we have forgotten to nurture ourselves and wondered why we ended up burning out. It will not be easy learning to look after yourself but you will get there. Speaking as someone who has to accept these things too I hope I offer some reassurance that we aren’t alone.

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