Kickstarting Book Two

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Writing We The Few has been an interesting journey, they say everyone has a novel in them and I have at least proved this to be true, it requires a level of commitment which not everyone has. It also encourages me to write the second, this obviously cannot be done without some planning and funding, I would like to be able to stop working entirely and concentrate solely on the book without the distractions of my day job. This might seem like a pipe dream to most but all I want from life is to be happy in my own skin as a writer and live my best life on a farm with a view, my friend and two doggos.

I have created my Kickstarter campaign and now its time to prepare for launch, it also ties in nicely with the Kindle Countdown Promotion which will be happening for the first in the series which is running from today through to Sunday the 3rd of October 2020 via Amazon Smile so you can give to your favourite charity whilst grabbing yourself a copy!

Ill be publishing the link for my Kickstarter project shortly so keep an eye out and find out how you can get your hands on a signed first run edition of the book two of the We The Few trilogy. So you havent bought the first one then take a chance and spend 99p/99c on it today.

If you would like to grab a copy of my book and support my writing it is available in both print and kindle version check out the links below. Donate to your favourite charity when you buy my book using Amazon Smile!

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