Pain & Suffering? B*tch Please

As someone who has never faced true persecution (I do not count being mocked for being a goth/greebo as a teenager), I feel compelled to speak out regarding the BLM/WLM argument. I don’t know how many more times we need to say this but please white people save yourself the embarrassment and stop acting offended as if you feel marginalised by people wearing BLM merchandise. It completely undermines the message and makes you look racist – which I am sure you would hate to be thought of as – complaining that if you wore a WLM would provoke racism only reinforces your negative behaviour.

The pain and suffering white people have put other cultures through would be considered a war crime in most other settings but because as we are the dominant race we consider the behaviour acceptable our forefathers raped, pillaged and took people from other countries for our own gain. Even now the North African slave trade continues and we speak as if we are changed and have made progress, all I see is a sweeping under the carpet of problems we haven’t fixed, we may not speak in the same way but our actions only go to prove we have not changed.

Criticising a celebrity for wearing a BLM necklace has also reinforced peoples lack of respect. To quote Alesha Dixon as I really feel it says it all “fuck the racists” after Diversity’s epic performance on Britain’s Got Talent we should remember to show some respect not prove critics right. When you as a white person experience hundreds of years constant harassment and abuse because of your race only then can you complain; because it is sickening and offensive to watch you cry wolf for something you’ve never experienced.

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