Bring On The Holidays – or not!

As much as it pains me both Halloween and Christmas are looming. Halloween for me has become a greeting card holiday and has been designed to maximise profits for those who make crappy outfits and decorations. Christmas is similar overblown expectations from children because of their peers, families spend hundreds on their children whether they can afford it or not, others cannot afford it and the child is judged for not having the same number of gifts or something equally exciting. In a time of giving it shouldn’t matter what gifts are given and received its the act that is most important. Rachel from my novel “We the Few” left all that behind as she awoke the new world has no room for such fripperies.

The most important gift is love and care, enjoy your friends and family whilst you can and accept that the pandemic has caused a number of irreversible changes to the way we exist. The Amazon delivery person is most likely to be delivering your heartfelt gifts from now on.

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