5 Things That Have Piqued My Interest

This year has been nothing like we had planned it to and the lockdown has definitely changed my perspective on certain things. What we deemed to be important last year is certainly not the same this year. Things which pique one’s interest often come at strange times and these 5 are probably the result of the global pandemic’s far-reaching influence.

  1. Space Telescopes – I have been fascinated by the night sky all my life, the projects going on at the moment is incredible. Although it might not be obvious why it piques my interest is because of one particular telescope and it’s insane new specifications. The logistics surrounding the project are unprecedented a 100gb a second line has been created between the two sites to process the imagery. For more information on the James Webb Telescope project go to NASA’s James Webb Site.
  2. Banana flowers – I had heard about banana flowers being used to replace fish for vegans when making fish and chips, they are quite extraordinary as you can see below. They are being touted as the latest new meat replacement along with Jackfruit which has a meatier than fishy texture. My dad actually has a banana plant which lives in his conservatory and is currently flourishing producing flowers and bananas – thank you to his picture on the left. Although he offered me one I have not taken him up on the offer yet – hopefully I will be able to have a go at some point.
  1. Oat milk – as I was looking for dairy alternatives I tried a number of different options discovering that almond and soy are not for me then I discovered oat mylk. After going through several brands it’s now clear for me that the Califia Farms barista edition (not sponsored) is my personal favourite (not to everyone’s taste I appreciate) – I also learnt that a few producers use rapeseed oil in their milk which for someone who is sensitive to rapeseed it caused a few interesting reactions. Hemp mylk also intrigues me so hopefully, I can get my hands on some to try. The main issue is that it’s usually for hot drink use and plant mylks are notorious for splitting.
  2. Publishing processes and book marketing – a little late I will admit being that I started my novel 18 months ago but it has been an interesting journey none the less. It seems to be that you have to self-publish your work in order for your work to be seen by relevant agents – take Andy Weir as an example Roundhouse started paying attention when his book “The Martian” took off on Amazon Kindle. Also with the current pandemic situation, it seems that smaller publishing houses have suffered and those who published their work through them will all have out of print books before too long which for those relying on their books as their income must be worrying for them.
  3. Fruit trees – having a garden is one of lives great privileges and pleasures, the apple tree fruited and so has my fig and there is nothing more satisfying than picking your own fruit from the garden.

Last but not least Bora Bora tea gets a special mention if you missed the post you can find it under Take Me To Bora Bora

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