Five Outrageous Ideas For You & Your Goals.

Goals, missions whatever you want to call them are important. They are what spurs us on to be a better version of ourselves, not to be confused with the illusion of living for holidays and weekends. I spent a long time thinking that the answers lay in travelling the world – experiencing new things and learning about other cultures. I have come to realise over time that there is plenty for me right here to keep me occupied it’s about doing the things you love so with that in mind here are 5 possibly outrageous (I’ll leave that to you to judge) suggestions for reaching your goals.

  1. Aim high – I want to sell 100k copies of my book before I write the next in the series, if I get halfway I have more than enough to become a full-time writer for at least a year which will allow me to at least make a start on the second book.
  2. Find out what you truly desire – what is it you really want to achieve? It could be completely the opposite of what you are currently doing, find out what it is and go for it no ifs no buts or life will pass you by.
  3. Understand that the answer to your happiness does not lie in escaping on a holiday every three months and getting excited because a 3-day weekend counts as a mini-break. Make yourself and your immediate the priority for positivity then there will be no need to escape.
  4. Challenges – Life likes to test you, I’ve probably said this to myself a thousand times at least and on here on more than one occasion but deal with those underlying emotions as you don’t want them coming back and slapping you in the face. Not an outrageous idea but probably not popular with those hiding from themselves.
  5. Celebrate your achievements – you might not be climbing Everest but whatever your goal is was clearly important enough for you to decide to do it. There’s no need to laud it over people, simply remember that you worked hard, learnt much and go there in the end!

The pandemic has made many re-assess their goals and made them question if they still wish to continue as they were before. I know it certainly did me, it has re-enforced the assertion that there is more to life than working full time paying bills and going on holiday.

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