In A World Without Nature

Life is fragile – we know this from the effect the pandemic has had on society.

The spread of senseless violence started from people fighting for human rights, but it is clear now that those still protesting in Oregan and other States in America no longer stand for freedom and human rights they just wish to disturb the world order note how Antifa seem to attend every protest they don’t discriminate its just another opportunity for them. Watching the protests live it was mainly white people armed with weapons not people with signs peacefully sharing their messages. I agree this is a time for a change and for us to take a long hard look at ourselves but succumbing to the range of negative influences is not going to affect the change we want. There will be more restrictions not less – this bad behaviour is serving to upset those in charge and whilst I am not one to follow the rest of society I am acutely aware that the freedoms we value can and will be taken from us.

Nature has flourished during Lockdown and we will destroy all of its hard work if we do not start paying attention and at the same time, we will probably destroy humanity.

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