Sushitos and Burritos

Several years ago on a trip to Amsterdam my friend and I happened across an unusual place, I saw the sign from afar – what on earth could a sushito be? As we ventured closer, curiosity and hunger took over. It was evident we had to give this fusion wonder a go. To find out more about Sushito’s story check out their website.

Fusion food can be a bit hit and miss and relies strongly on the chef mastering the combinations of flavours. There have been a couple of restaurant trips where I have been presented with some questionable offerings but not in Sushito. The concept of Mexican, Japanese and Hawaii sounds like it could either go really well or really badly, but when you are clearly passionate about food the love will shine through. Another great fusion restaurant I have had the fortune of finding was Moon Sushi and Fusion Food in Belgrade, sushi proves time and time again that it is versatile enough to influence a wide number of dishes – but it is still down to the skill of the chef to police the recipes.

The 1970s popularised fusion cooking and unfortunately did lead to a variety of bizarre combinations, the combinations of both east and west most notably Californian and Tex-Mex cuisines are firm favourites of some. Tex-Mex is (in my opinion) a slightly watered-down version of authentic Mexican food and Californian being a combination of a wide range of flavours. Yƍshoku, a style of Western-influenced cooking in Japan, primarily consisting of Japanized forms of European dishes. Korean-Mexican is now a thing too.

Whatever your tastes there is almost definitely a combination out there for you – but as I have said before its not for everyone and certainly there are some truly warped combinations out there.

Kate’s favourite food is chicken wings where as Rachel loves Italian, whats your favourite?

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