Have A Very Happy Black Cat Day!

Cats are a law unto themselves – as far as I can tell you never really own them and thinking that you are the only one feeding them unless they are a permanent house cat then you are mistaken. Having said that they can be just as loving and supportive as dogs, I have no preference for colour of pet but there is something particularly beautiful about black cats.

The symbolism behind black cats is steeped in folklore. They are the familiars of witches and considered bad luck if they cross your path, a funny thought if you are the owner of the cat, are you creating your own bad luck? In some parts of the world they are actually considered good luck for example in Japan they are believed to bring women more suitors. Learn religions has a great page on the role of black cats in religion if you would like to find out more.

Rachel had dogs before she wished she could have them back more than anything from before. Kate didn’t have pets but she wished she could have a dog or a cat, they’re just nice to have around. Meg wished she could have her cat from before, sadly their familiars couldn’t come with them.

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