Impeached Already? Really?

I Googled Impeach and this is what I found on the right hand side of my screen.

It seems a lot of people would quite like to have Trump impeached but it seems to be proving difficult. The saddest thing is that its already happened and made no difference, unfortunately impeaching a president doesn’t automatically mean they are removed from office. Trump’s pig headed ways will unfortunately never change and we can only but hope that he loses the next election, it would be a distressing situation for the world and for Americans if this has to continue any longer. I cite season 20 of South Park – were they not right in some ways?

I do find it amusing that simply searching for the word impeach instantly brings up a wealth of Trump-related impeachment requests. Realistically though it’s unlikely that they will manage to impeach him again and remove him – we are going to have to hope that Biden wins and thus removes him from office like the spoilt brat he is.

Although I try desperately to stay out of politics some things just cant be left unsaid, the current situation is difficult for many of us and made worse by those in charge. Its important to vote for change and improvements not carry on the misogyny we have all had to put up with. Be the change you want to see and make a difference to the world in whatever way you can.

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