Spinach The Life Force

Spinach is one of my favourite vegetables it has to be said, a versatile leaf it can grow perpetually all year round and can be added to pretty much anything. Spinach is really good for you and I often add it to meals, fuelling my writing with healthy food is important and I do enjoy a variety of vegetables in my food, my friend tries to add several different kinds when he is cooking.

Spinach lends itself particularly well to a filo pie with feta, a simple dish called spanakopita which I have mentioned before in this post I recommend you take a trip over and give it a go it is delish! If you don’t fancy cooking it – so often we are put off by the slimy steamed kind from our childhoods. Its Popeye’s favourite food for a reason – full of iron and vitamins it’s too good to not to eat.

On another note – I am happy to announce that my novel is moving along well and I hope to have it published very soon so please stand by for release dates and pre-order availability in print and on Kindle. I will be announcing the title and a sneak peak over the next week or so, let me know what you think in the comments or join the conversation at or

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