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Teigan volunteered at the shelter in her spare time, she was there at least 2 days a week and always enjoyed looking after the long term residents. There was one particular ‘Pup’ who had seemingly been there forever, always ignored on the open days despite always putting her front and centre. It troubled Teigan as she was clearly a loving dog and although had arrived with a few behavioural issues these had been addressed with one to one training. Admittedly she wasn’t good with kids and that did put a lot of people off but surely there was someone out there was destined to give her the forever home she deserved.

Although she was what most considered an ‘undesirable breed’ she was loyal and attentive, she didn’t snatch despite coming from what can only be described as a broken home. After working with her for some months Teigan decided maybe it was time to foster, hoping that this would encourage people to look at her. It was a big step for her as the house she lived in only had a small garden but working from home she knew it would be fine Sadie would have the run of the house as well as outdoors and she would be there all the time so there was less chance of separation anxiety. Of course, she would have to go out to run errands and there would be some crate training, she couldn’t come with her everywhere and Sadie needed to understand that.

Approaching the shelter’s manager to discuss fostering was easy, they had a good working relationship so there was no reason to think she wouldn’t be able to. Launa was committed to the dogs, she knew that without her and the centre there was no chance they would be seen but Sadie’s case was troubling her. She also knew what a lovely dog Sadie was and couldn’t understand why she had been ignored for so long. In fact, she had been tempted to foster the unlucky pup herself so when Teigan walked into her office and volunteered she was overjoyed. Launa knew they had a good working relationship, she was the perfect match for Sadie, they agreed she would have her for a month with a view to bringing her to the next open day in 6 weeks time.

The day Teigan took Sadie home was magical, of course, she had no idea what was happening and was a little nervous getting in the car. The ride back to Teigan’s was interesting Sadie stared out the window, a smile from ear to ear and her tongue lolling in the breeze of the aircon it was about a 20-minute drive. As they arrived Sadie realised they were approaching a house, not the usual looming building like the shelter she had left not long before. Teigan put her back on the lead to take her in the house, the last thing she wanted was Sadie to bolt down the street between the car and the house but Sadie sat perfectly, she walked into the house with no problem at all. Teigan had already puppy-proofed the house – there was no longer food to steal at coffee table height and certainly nothing precious. Once off the lead, she went around sniffing and investigating – the kitchen proved most interesting and then she found the doggy door. It had come with the house when she bought it, she never had it fixed because she knew at some point there would be a four-legged friend in need.

Sadie romped around the back garden enjoying her freedom and came immediately back in when she was called. The next few weeks were perfection, they both had unconditional love and Sadie had no problem being crated for an hour or two whilst Teigan was out. It became clear there was no reason why she couldn’t be rehomed it was merely the stigma of the breed. Even when her sister arrived with the kids Sadie was inquisitive but well behaved, Teigan was impressed, she was fast becoming a firm fixture in her life and as time passed she wondered if Sadie might end up as a foster fail, i.e. she would stay with her forever. It became clear that this was going to be a beneficial arrangement for both of them, she resolved to discuss it with Launa the next time she was in.

Launa and Teigan sat with Sadie in the office, she had a sneaking suspicion this conversation was coming, to be honest, she was happy they were the perfect match and Sadie deserved the best forever home. Launa gave her blessing and Teigan was overjoyed, it was a perfect situation. They talked about foster fails and Launa admitted she was a serial offender which meant that she hadn’t been able to take Sadie herself. Teigan was glad at this, clearly, they were meant to be together. She left the office and headed for home, Sadie by her side, a long life of sniffing adventures and hiking in their future.

Please note the featured picture is not of an available rescue credit to Allie for the beautiful picture.

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