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The Branch

Glen had always loved the forest, it had been his sanctuary for the last 15 years. Maintaining the forest was his job, although it didn’t need much work because of the rigorous plan he had implemented at the start. Knowing every inch of the forest was his advantage, nothing surprised him anymore, if a twig was out of place he knew about it. The birds and animals were used to his presence and no longer flew away dramatically when he arrived.

The was one old tree right in the middle of the forest, he had always left it because it had looked dead for the last 10 years. One day he noticed a change in the lowest branch, it seemed to shimmer in the light, some green flecks poking out like leaves trying to grow. Maybe it was time to start monitoring it, the next planned maintenance wasn’t for a week or two so he wanted to see how it would change, being dead for 10 years he didn’t want to stunt it.

As time grew closer the branch swelled to almost double the size. The bark looked fit to burst and indeed on the day Glen brought his saw to the forest it started to ooze a strange blue colour. Glen only noticed as it had started to drop onto the forest floor he followed the drip to the branch which looked as if it were ready to explode. Knowing his saw would do the job he set about sawing through the bulging wood, the blue ooze turned into a torrent as it spewed all over him. Stumbling back he tripped and hit his head collapsing on the floor. He came round hours later with little recollection of the previous events. He looked up at the branch and it looked normal, as if nothing had happened. Returning home he swore he would find out what happened but that would have to wait until he had rested.

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