Catastrophe In Progress

Whilst the flora and fauna of this world flourish in a reduced carbon emissions society we have now hit another speed bump. A switch from plastic bags to disposable masks is producing a frankly disgusting litter situation. Whether dropped accidentally or not this careless unsanitary behaviour is as bad as not wearing a mask at all. Leaving it for someone else to pick up is unspeakable – why should someone risk their life to pick up someone else’s litter? Not to mention its possible children might also pick it up, my niece often collects litter when shes out and about to throw in the bin this is simply abhorrent behaviour.

I appreciate things get dropped accidentally but in a time where we need to stay aware and use common sense please either throw it away in a nearby bin or take it home to dispose of appropriately do not just drop it on the floor and leave it. Ladies wouldn’t do it with a used sanitary towel and gents you would at least try and find a bin to put your snot covered tissue wouldn’t you? So how is a disposable mask any different? It’s not if anything its more dangerous so let’s not continue this pandemic because we can’t be bothered to pick up after ourselves.

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