Lockdown Hierarchy: 3 New Classes of People Emerge

The lockdown has brought out the best and worst in people. For some kindness and generosity has been their focus for others ignorance knows no bounds. After observing the last 4 months or so it has become obvious 3 new types of people have emerged.

  1. Heroes – These are the people who tirelessly work to pick up the slack of others, who help without question or thought for themselves. They support those in need and offer help to those who wouldn’t dream of asking. They wear their masks without complaining because they know its for the good of everyone.
  2. Pro-Mask – Much like those who are pro-vaccinations they understand the importance of not relying on others and not purposefully putting others in danger – they understand that yes it’s uncomfortable but it’s for an important reason.
  3. Anti-Mask – AKA Karens (or Costco Karen) – they can be male or female, living in their bubble believing it violates the first amendment being forced to wear a mask, a misguided statement the amendment protects your freedom of speech and to express yourself, a mask does not stop you from doing this so believing its any form of defence is just ignorant. When a Karen does wear a mask its often incorrectly and then attempts blindly to defend her own stupidity by citing I can’t breathe/function/eat/drink for a full hour whilst you are out of the house – think of all the key workers at the hospital who have no choice but to wear full PPE for their 12-hour shift and sometimes longer unable to stop for a drink or a break because of the caseloads. There was a case of a couple donning bandanas with swastikas and parading around Walmart, declaring if the US elect Joe Biden they will be overrun with socialism and apparent nazism? – from my perspective, it looks like Trump is heading in that direction far more than Joe Biden is. They have now been banned from all Walmart stores but sadly not reprimanded by the police for hate speech.

The main traits of this supposedly ‘woke’ generation being racism, elitism and sexism – these are people who obviously didn’t know they were struggling with issues before the pandemic and are now forced to deal with everything including misunderstanding the principles the USA was built on. One video even shows said Karen returning to threaten the person filming at the store to stop posting the videos or pay her for the privilege of posting them…which is frankly just wrong, enterprising but wrong none the less, arguably the person posting the videos probably shouldn’t as it is just mocking people for the sake of it. The internet means things can be posted without payment or even attribution most of the time so people can happily make money from mocking people seemingly without consequence. Sadly these Karens clearly need help – their abusive behaviour comes from years of never being tested and when faced with adversity they explode like an AI robot failing the Turing test. I have seen particularly shocking racial rants and personal attacks and although it’s obvious that these people exist its just a huge shame that they won’t learn that behaviour like that is appalling and is against the law – hate crimes have not reduced if anything they have increased.

I ask those of you who find Karen’s amusing to take their power away by ignoring them, they are the toddler who wants the toy on the top shelf when they’ve had half the shop. They are not the example we should be showing future generations and they should not be celebrated. The only way to deal with people like that is to say thank you and walk away don’t stand, video and engage their negativity you don’t need their energy and they certainly don’t need your power.

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