Changing Delivery Routes

Bex looked at the map, she was new to the area so she thought taking a delivery job would help her learn the best routes around town. Despite having a satnav she still felt it was better to familiarise herself and taking a job as a taxi driver was risky, people didn’t appreciate getting lost when they were paying for it. Moving to a small town in the back end of nowhere was not her idea of living the dream but situations caused for drastic measures. Whereas she didn’t mind that she was in danger her family were more important. Life as a spy although dangerous hadn’t really affected the children until now and she was thankful for that she also didn’t want that to change. So with a convoluted story of Mommy changing jobs the move was arranged, she wasn’t really changing jobs but things would certainly be changing.

The sleepy town they had moved to unbeknown to Bex held its own dark secret. The underground scene was twisted in ways that would put a city mafiosi to shame even Capitol city’s gangsters had heard of them and they stayed away for a reason. Bex hadn’t thought about her choice of place, she had simply opened up the map and stuck a pin in it, she ended up in the desert the first time, the second was a small southern town miles from the nearest county town, there was a sheriffs office but the nearest hospital was an hour by helicopter. Possibly not the best choice of location when potential danger lurked round the corner. Despite the danger there was no reason that the trouble she was escaping wouldn’t follow her and that was her first mistake. Bex had been a spy for so long she had become complacent little did she know what lay in store.

The children were young enough to not understand and adapt fairly quickly, neither had been planned and unfortunately the father had met his end in an extraction gone wrong. She wished she had the ability to attract non-spies but in the city she could only move in those circles reducing the pool significantly. Bex hoped the change of scenery would be beneficial although the people walking down the streets looked like the product of years of inbreeding. Her goal was not to increase their gene pool she had two lovely children of her own no need for anymore. It was the summer holidays so the kids wouldn’t start school and nursery for another 3 weeks. She had been working on her back story since she left, she had no plan to get a job, after all she was still getting paid as a spy and when she was settled there would be missions she could do from home.

The house itself was in the colonial style with front and back gardens, the picket fence was a terracotta colour rather than traditional white, it was a bit cutesy for her but she wasn’t in the position to be choosy. At least they each had bedrooms now, their two-bed flat in the city was not ideal, a boy and a girl didn’t need to be sharing past the age of about 4. She hoped the missions would come after they started school, she wanted them to settle before she started working again.

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