Never Underestimate the Power of the Mind

The mind can play powerful tricks on you whether you like to admit it or not. It can bring you to your knees, trapped in a ball of anxiety or even excruciating physical pain. I do not profess to hold the answer to combating this often debilitating situation but offering personal insight might help others understand their situation.

It is important to remember that feelings can be controlled and yes I am a fine one to speak as I do struggle with my emotions, some people say that depression never goes away you simply have to deal with the ups and the downs as they come. After years of my watching my friend teach himself otherwise I realise that we are not trapped forever we have to take charge of our emotions – after all, they shouldn’t be running our lives we are the ones in control.

I appreciate that people can find it incredibly difficult, once something is associated with pain it is difficult to remove the association but as they say “getting back on the horse” is the only way to confront your fears. For example, I am consciously trying to check-in with myself to stop getting lost in thoughts and overthinking, it’s a difficult process when you are so used to not doing it, I have spoken about several phone apps previously which give good guidance for dealing with emotions so if you are not in a position to seek professional help then you at least have a place to pour your thoughts and feeling into. It is important to remember you don’t have to suffer alone, there are free avenues for help if you need them, the joys of the internet has connected us with a world of resources.

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