Burn The Bra It’s Uncomfortable Anyway

Traditionally, a burning bra symbolised women rights and freedoms. We have since moved on from burning clothing to other protest form. I however would still happily burn my bras they are uncomfortable and I will have to replace them. I don’t truly believe that the bra is a symbol of oppression as some feminists do but it certainly doesn’t do us any favours.

Thankfully we live in a more progressive world where bras are worn by both sexes they are simply a means of support not control. I personally prefer to wear something unwired and occasionally something lacy but otherwise I’d prefer to be bra free entirely if I could.

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2 Responses

  1. I’m rather overly endowed, so completely braless is not comfortable for me either. I’d prefer to just wear a leisure bra. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to make leisure bras in a J-cup. I guess breasts that large are never at their leisure. 😉

    • Naomi says:

      Yes, it’s a shame I’ve ordered several of those crossover lacy bralets and they are useless one of them barely covered my nipples…braless is strictly for home – out and about requires extra armour.

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