National Moth Week

Moths have a bad reputation, they eat natural fibres in your wardrobe, they are attracted by lights but they are just as useful and just as beautiful as butterflies.

The purpose of moth week is to document the number of different species much like any other wildlife surveys. It also helps to create species maps as you can see where the different colonies are across different countries.

We have tried to encourage both moths and butterflies in the garden with a variety of plants to feed both including the caterpillars. There are plenty of different plants you can pick up from your local garden centre and if you aren’t sure there are lists of suggestions or of course ask someone at the garden centre.

As you can see by the picture above we found cinnabar moth caterpillars in the garden and other funky looking ones which sadly I haven’t managed to take pictures of. Cinnabars create the most beautiful moths with striking red coloured markings. Look today to see what you have in your garden, how many can you find?

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