5 Superfoods We Always Overlook

There is much talk of superfoods from blueberries to seaweed there are a plethora to choose from but there are always a few overlooked, they are the unsung heroes of the superfood world.

  1. Cucumbers – Great for salads, burgers and chilled soups cucumber is a delicious addition to your diet. Great for rehydrating and boosting your electrolytes post-workout. Promoting eye and bone health whilst improving your immune system and helping to regulate your metabolism.
  2. Potatoes – Boiled, chipped or fried potatoes are a staple in most diets, a good source of carbs and starch they promote bone health, help to balance electrolytes in the body and supports heart function. The best news is you are probably already eating them!
  3. Green peas – Eat your peas! Not just a made-up story they are good for you! Look out for the giant! Promoting healthy eyes and skin, they improve your immune system, support good blood clotting and helps to balance electrolytes in the body.
  4. Apples – They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away for a good reason, they promote eye health, help with tissue regeneration, balance blood sugar (insulin), preventing anaemia, supporting bone and heart health.
  5. Sultanas – Find it in muesli or the dried fruit aisle, add to stews or just eat a handful, these grapes have superpowers. Supporting the immune system, they also help with iron absorption and prevent anaemia.

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2 Responses

  1. I don’t Sultanas are something I’ve ever seen in US stores. I’m diabetic, so I have to limit white potatoes in my diet; but I love sweet potatoes. And, we throw peas into all kinds of recipes; but, my favorite way to have them is simple peas with pearl onions. We always have apples in the fruit tray, and cucumbers are mainstay of our diet.

    • Naomi says:

      Interesting you dont see sultanas in the US – i don’t think they are the same as raisins and currants but I imagine they have similar properties, I love sweet potatoes too – I even managed to find the purple sweet potatoes once but they arent a regular item in our grocers. Apples and cucumbers are some of my favourite things along with avocado but they are all imported here so we have to buy them and hope they ripen.

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