Setting An Example

Since the beginning of his rise to fame Banksy has courted controversy. Cleverly mocking society to its face whilst his audience lap it up not realising they are laughing at themselves. When one gains the kind of fame that Banksy has it comes with certainly responsibility.

The younger generation look up to brands and celebrities, so advocating behaviour like graffiti in a public place seems irresponsible. The supposed corona virus inspired piece on a London Underground train is appalling in my opinion. Not only because its not original but because it encourages people to think illegal graffiti is acceptable.

As publicity stunts go it’s a pretty impressive and some have interpreted it as a message encouraging people to wear masks. I think it’s interesting that Banksy seemingly gets away with his illegal activities yet anyone else would feel the wrath of the law. The beginning of mandatory mask wearing in shops from the end of the month in the UK means we will see an increase in resistance to mask wearing. I have said it before, we will have to wear masks all the time we are out and about whether we like it or not.

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