Disappointing But Good

How can something be disappointing and good at the same time? Well technically it can’t, but often we are disappointed with fundamentally good things in our lives. We reject a change in favour of being disappointed rather than admitting how good it was and the cycle continues. Begrudgingly you start to admit how good things can be, observing that more and more of the world opens up. More ‘good’ things will come your way, they will always be there, as long as you are open to them.

Kosy was sat on her bed, today had been one of those days, learning those good things come your way if you want them was still in progress with her. Unfortunately, she attracted a lot of attention she didn’t want or need when she went out and about so finding the good things was a little more difficult. Most people would use the internet but Kosy’s parents didn’t believe in using the internet and unfortunately neither could they afford it. Her assignments had to be turned in on school’s computers because otherwise, she would fail class. She pleaded with her parents to let the school help but they wouldn’t, thankfully her teachers let her work on the computers in school any otherwise she would have completely failed and they didn’t want that to happen. So for all that Kosy struggled with school she had a lot of help from the teachers, which did lead to a certain amount of subsequent bullying and for that she was no less thankful because one day it would be her time to shine.

Soon enough Kosy would see the benefits of having and not having internet. It’s all about finding a balance at the end of the day and if you are happy in yourself then that’s all that matters. Life will try to teach you not to let something small spoil a moment, life is too short, but you never know what life will throw at you. Kosy would also learn some entirely new things, by opening herself up to the world and new experiences she had opened a floodgate of positivity.

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