The Memory of 7/7 Returns

Terrorist attacks in London had always been a risk but there is never a warning. I was not there personally so I can only go some way to imaging how terrifying it was. Today marks the 15th anniversary of that tragic day were people lost their lives. The Mayor of London and the head of the Metropolitan police along with others paid tribute by laying wreaths at the Hyde Park Memorial.

Paralympian Martine Wright who lost both her legs in the blast.

It is an opportunity for us to pay our respects to 752 victims, 52 of which sadly lost their lives. We thank the emergency services and all that assisted for their valuable work. Hoping that the future will hold a unified existence so there is no need for terrorism. Violence solves nothing but this doesn’t seem to ring true with extremists they somehow feel that it does. It will certainly get attention much like throwing a rock will but it doesn’t solve anything.

The four strategic attacks served their purpose, causing chaos and disruption to the city. Senselessly killing innocent people who happened to be taking public transport at the time the suicide bomber detonated themselves. September 2005 al-Qaeda deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahiri claimed partial responsibility for the bombings, but the extent and purpose of al-Qaeda’s true role in the attacks remain unclear. In April 2007 three British Muslims were charged with aiding in the preparation of the July 7 bombings, but they were cleared two years later.

I hope one day that we moved towards a more Utopian society where love and unity prevail.

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