Under It All

Franc sat at her desk, it had been a year since her friend passed. It was still hard to think about what she had lost when Pete’s life ended after his lengthy battle with cancer. He fought like a champion but every time it grew it shifted the goalposts challenging him in different ways. Just as he beat one bit another appeared to everyone’s horror. It seemed never-ending at the time and Franc felt helpless, all she wanted was to fix it all for him, fight them and banish them forever. It became apparent that she wasn’t going to be able to rid him of this invasion when she couldn’t keep up. Looking back hindsight was a wonderful thing but it couldn’t change anything now. She would have to live in his memory and trying to change the world just as he was trying to, cut down in his prime, it would be a fitting tribute.

If Pete were looking down on Franc as she hoped he would see unfortunately what Franc didn’t want him to. Which was a backwards attitude but given the circumstances of her epiphany had to now be disregarded. She had spent the last year not dealing with the grief, only this week after a significant brush with her death did she finally see the path she had been on. Reflecting it disappointed her that she hadn’t realised what to do at the time, she could only change and make the future better. Allowing him to shine through her seemed like the most logical place to start. Looking through her draw she found the notebook he had given her, she opened it, he had written “To My Franc, Always” she shed a tiny tear and opened a new page.

She started to brainstorm everything she knew about Pete and what his passions were. As she racked her brains it worried her that she couldn’t recall what they were. He seemed to care about a lot of things but none of them consistently, it largely depended on his mood. Digging a little deeper she started to see patterns in his behaviour, leaning towards a better future and a united world. She started to bring the notes together. A plan started to form in front of her, it was going to involve going under to bring change, she was determined to try and if she dragged a few people along the way then that cant be a bad thing.

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