23rd of January 2069

Lilly looked in the mirror, times had changed, the pandemic that changed the world was nearly 50 years ago. So much had changed since then. A carefree lifestyle had transformed into a more regimented way of living which had been embraced by some and duly flaunted by others. Despite the change in the way the government controlled the people there were some who remained defiant. They had survived this long why would they start changing their way of life. The fact that everyone else was suffering as the restrictions kept tightening seemed irrelevant it just meant they increased their efforts to defy them.

As the fifty-year mark was looming those who complied continued to hope that things would improve rather than worsen. However, there seemed to be a consensus amongst those in the know that it was unlikely to ever improve, there were 2 to 3 waves globally every year, much like the previous flu seasons. Thousands died at the hands of the unwitting asymptomatic or ‘silent spreaders’ these were those people who had the I’m indestructible approach, no need to distance and certainly no need to wear a mask. Why should they care about others? The thousands of people were never anyone they knew so it can’t possibly be that serious.

The world may eventually change, maybe after another significant event, who knows when though. Until then she would keep wearing her mask and quietly working towards her dreams. Success was something she knew would come but the journey had only just started for her. What lay in wait was for her to find out along the way.

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