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John Matthew Fox sent out this rather interesting writing exercise to see what your writing style is based on some of your favourite things:

  • Write down your favourite album.
  • Write down your favourite movie.
  • Write down your favourite painting or artwork.

Now answer a few questions about these selections:

  • What do your answers have in common?
  • What kind of art are they?
  • Why do these pieces of art, above all else, move you?
  • So here goes.

    • Slipknot – Self-titled
    • 2046 by Wong Kar-wai
    • Gin Lane by William Hogarth

    The three pieces are in themselves unique, depicting the chaos of the world.

    Gin Lane was Hogarth’s response to the gin craze experienced in the Georgian era where women would get hopelessly drunk on gin, the response was for Parliament to passed five major Acts, in 1729, 1736, 1743, 1747 and 1751 in order to attempt to control consumption, largely by the poor. Although I have no personal allegiance to gin the picture itself is a testament to the world we live in even now.

    Slipknot’s debut album “Slipknot” was one of my first nu-metal albums, it has some strong emotional connections for me and to this day it still brings the same joy as when I first bought it. Some may say its noise but to me, it remains a great album.

    2046: A train in a futuristic landscape takes passengers to recapture their memories, no one has ever returned. It’s an incredible film – the 4 main story arcs are detailed and twisted – the search for the one that got away with a difference.

    My writing style is just this, slightly chaotic – several story arcs flitting between characters. There is a sense of reality albeit a pretty slow one, I like to think that my characters are relatable to the reader. They all move me because of their subject matter or connotations, Slipknot has a powerful emotional connection, 2046 is an incredible film and Gin Lane is an inciteful but mocking piece about the ridiculousness of the gin craze.

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