Container Of Dreams

Imagine the perfect shipping container repurposed into a beautiful modern home each room arranged exactly as you want it. The featured picture is not far off my ideal design although I would move it out of the shipping yard and into the countryside. The principle of the picture, for me, is the perfect place to start. Although the idea appeals, I would still prefer a brick and mortar house over a container – because even painted and decorated they are still pretty ugly on the outside. Most planning committees would probably throw it out based on that assumption alone.

What I am trying to say is that your dreams are important! So whether your dream is to own your own home or its to be an astronaut it’s yours and it doesn’t matter what it looks like to anyone else – it’s not their dream. Your goals and dreams are personal to you, just as mine is to be an international best selling author yours might be to be a musician or even a General of an Army. Focusing on your dreams leads you closer to them, any distractions along the way are usually a lesson which needs to be learnt. Embrace your goals and dreams knowing that the universe will help you continue on your journey to success!

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