What is Relevant?

Definition: closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered.


In recent times there has been a plethora of situations where people have mistaken the correct emotion for a particular moment. Whether it be through lack of emotional intelligence or simply getting caught up in the whirlwind around them we have seen an exponential increase in negativity. People seem to think that abuse and negativity will demonstrate their point more effectively but as we have seen this is not the case because rather than continuing to listen people switch off or you receive the same reaction. As POTUS has decided to sign an executive order to protect historic statues as simply proven that he never was interested in listening to the protestors he isn’t interested in the situation at all. Whether he realises or not these actions will simply cause an even bigger increase in the behaviour he wants to discourage. The lack of empathy and foresight stems from his white male privileged upbringing – his attitude is simply going to cause further issues not just in America but across the world.

The oppression of Black people remains very prominent even in today’s modern society despite them constantly challenging the status quo and fighting for equality they continue to receive different treatment to that of white people. The civil rights movement has fought tirelessly to gain equality and yet they are continually marginalised even in the UK. Generational opinions are only just starting to change despite the end of slavery in the late 1800s there are remains of the toxic attitude white people seemingly have against black people and that saddens me deeply. Why should we treat people differently to others, just because of what can only be described as a “cosmetic” different between us all?

The current protests are reactions to years of oppression and not enough people listening. The pandemic has given everyone time to pay attention to an issue which has been bubbling under the surface for hundreds of years and some people feel that a little something extra needs to be done to catch peoples attention. A knee jerk reaction of anger and violence will unfortunately not affect change as the current powers that be are the last generation that still believe that racism is acceptable. So screaming, shouting and violently protesting is unlikely to produce the reaction they want, despite changes in law enforcement regulations in the US this will not stop racism within the police force, education is more effective than making chokeholds illegal. POTUS’s executive order has simply reinforced my point that they don’t want to be educated and they would rather fight fire with fire than put it out.

If you feel angry about the situation educate yourself on how you can help and make a difference, fight the good fight rather than normalising the violence. The situation is now disproportionately skewed so that people cant tell if its a protest or if the anarchists are trying to take over.

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