Reset and Try Again

Imbalances can occur in any number of situations. Hormonal imbalances are a lot more common than you would think and after years of suffering with sore boobs and debilitating cramps I thought it’s time to do something about it. For years I’ve read articles telling you can have a happy period and when you are dealing with a desire to hibernate for a week of the month even in summer something has to change.

After taking a questionnaire it seems I have a high estrogen low progesterone imbalance. So now is the time for me to reset hormones through diet and self-care. I have followed Tamika at Nourish Naturally on Instagram for some time now and her writings on the subject speak to me and her hormone reset guide has put me in the right direction. I am especially excited about the chocolate truffle which is the chosen snack for the week along with a variety of nuts and fruit. The menu looks delicious and really can’t wait to give it a go. My biggest fear at the moment is giving up coffee so will be swapping it for oolong tea instead as despite liking the odd green tea it’s really not my favourite whereas oolong has the same amount of caffeine in as green tea! I’m also looking forward to the golden milk recipe for which one picked up a turmeric superfood blend. Turmeric has a host of benefits including anti-inflammatory properties and helps with bloating.

Learning that life doesn’t have to be as challenging as we think, it is has been a breath of fresh air. It’s important to support ourselves not just others and remember that we don’t have to accept that it is the way it is.

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