Haters Gonna Hate

As they say ‘haters gonna hate’ it is clear that social media has now given everyone their own soapbox to pass their judgement upon others. This is not the first time I have written about this topic and I suspect it wont be the last. I am fortunate enough not to have experienced these interactions but it is obvious from the number of celebrities constantly in the news and the death of Caroline Flack this year only goes to show how prevalent the bullying is online. This issue is not reserved solely for celebrities, I often see people attacking others in the comments across all the platforms – it makes me wonder if they have nothing better to do or if they genuinely don’t see why its unacceptable – the assumption that the account is a bot and therefore has no feelings so you can say what you like is becoming more and more common.

The world has been rendered into a giant playground where people seem to harbour somewhere between a mini-Hitler complex and a narcissist. If they don’t agree with what you say then you will suffer the consequences, they don’t think about the suffering they cause to you only that they have made their point by raining unnecessary fire down on you caused an argument and upset then they sail off into the sunset not giving a second thought to the hurt they have caused.

The media actively encourage the vilification of celebrities by writing incendiary headlines leading the public into believing that this behaviour is acceptable (i’m looking at you Katie Hopkins). No one is safe, celebrity or not take Amy Cooper the woman from the racial incident in the Rambles, her behaviour was obscene but I agree with Christian Cooper (her victim) its questionable whether her life should have completely torn apart so publicly. There should be no need for such attitudes its a disgraceful situation that people feel the need to behave in that way, education is the way forward not ignorance and abuse.

To those of you who have experienced hate – I say to you be strong and as the saying goes “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” As someone who often self sabotages (im working on stopping myself from doing this) I know this is a difficult step for some but bear with me because you can do this. Believing the haters only plays straight into their hands, there is no need to give them the satisfaction, much like fighting a bully in the playground – walk away life it too short and precious to let them ruin your day. Remember that what you put out into the universe you will get back 10 fold, like Katie Hopkins complaining all she gets is people taking aim at her (no shock considering her general attitude towards the world). Put all of your positive energy out into the world and you will get it back, be supportive of those in need in anyway you can and ignore the negativity in this world, as I have said life is too short to put up with people transferring their negativity and insecurities onto you.

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