All Hands To The Pumps

Today is a strange day, highs and lows for all of us, it is a day in which ‘Tim Tams’ chocolate biscuits are trending on Twitter because apparently not only are they part of the trade deal we will be making with Australia but the Prime Minister himself brought a packet to the press conference earlier this evening. The mind truly boggles as to why this would be part of the discussions at all. It is true they are delicious and a ‘Tim Tam’ explosion is one of the most amazing things to happen in your mouth on the planet but still, what the hell people?

Arnott’s manufacturer of ‘Tim Tams’ have been trying for years to get a foothold in the UK market for years, uncanny that they finally get their wishes after so long, we get reduced biscuit tariffs and a Prime Minister willing to stand and advertise a product in the middle of an announcement. It makes me wonder what kind of impression he is trying to give to the rest of the world, it must be amusing, much like watching the USA.

I truly think its time that we need to work more together as one world and one team, it is frustrating to see people suffer inequality and all kinds of other things so when one sees such frivolities it rather takes away from whatever Boris Johnson was trying to demonstrate. Supporting each other will help us move forward through the difficult times and into a better position and will hopefully mean a more focused government who have our best interests at heart.

Its in times of hardship the people around you should be your support network, this isnt the case for everyone but the internet has broken down that barrier to some degree. Zoom dates are now a thing and for those who live alone there are a billion others all alone with smart phones; although its not human interaction in the traditional sense it is still talking verbally to someone via face to face video chat, you can see their facial expressions and body language, it is almost the same as a normal interaction. It is also possible to build your own community/family around you online, inner circles and all, so why not put out a all hands to the pumps call and see who comes a knockin. We are all in this together and we need to show each other we care.

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