At Home With The Night Jar

This stunning owl like creature has captured my interest quite unexpectedly today. I discovered its a Tawny Frogmouth Night Jar – such a beautiful colouring and feather patterns. Its soft demeanour encourages you to open up and be free with your words, you might even talk all night and why not? Its a night time bird after all. It gives an air of wisdom and knowledge most will never experience. You want to ask it questions as if it will know the answer to any question you could possibly think of – why would it not know?

These stunning birds are found in Australian mainland and Tasmania, the European Nightjar is common throughout the United Kingdom. Known for having an extremely rare ability to steal milk from goats and its unrivalled night time flying skills. Rather confirming that these birds are as wise as they look, whether you feel comfortable talking to a bird is irrelevant, its more like finding the key to open up and talk.

Making conversation can be difficult for some whether it be confidence issues, inexperience in communication, selective mutism, or any number of other things. Questioning why you have an issue talking is better tackled by looking at your mental state as a whole, how do you really feel in the moment? Everything is interlinked so if there are particular situations you find yourself in where its happening, look at the bigger picture whats going on? Cognitive Behavioural Therapy may well assist those suffering from significant anxiety from these issues. The only thing to remember is that there is no right way of doing it and you will make mistakes, trip over your words and all of those other things we worry about, but thats ok because they will lessen with practice.

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