All Black Lives Matter

Pride month was set up to allow people to fight against the police brutality experienced by LGBT people, this year it seems to have been amalgamated with the #blacklivesmatter movement. Not that this is necessarily a negative thing but it seems to be blurring the true meaning of Pride as it started one year after the Stonewall uprising in 1969 as many LGBT people, long frustrated by police brutality took a stand.

There seems to me to be an abuse of semantics going on at the moment with people using their interpretations as a weapon to chastise others. The ill-educated use of the #alllivesmatter hashtag has been a disappointment – the EDL have used it as a counter protest which just demeans the whole situation and undermines a lot of the work which has been done by peaceful protests over the last 50 years or so.

Its a disgrace to think that we still think its acceptable to marginalise people of any race, sexuality or beliefs. It is also even sadder to see that there is a need to amend the #blacklivesmatter hashtag to include LGBTQ+ by changing it to #allblacklivesmatter – for those lobbying for equality this double standard has to stop. There shouldnt be pre-requisites and conditions to an all inclusive movement, there is no room for exclusion in this situation.

For a list of resources to help this important movement please see below.

  • Call for accountability. – There are various petitions and letter templates available for UK and US people to take a stand. A petition for George Floyds murderers to be brought to justice can be found here and one for Tony McDade here. If you’re in the UK, journalist Perkin Amalraj has written a letter template to ask your MP to speak out on Floyd’s killing. i-D has shared a separate one asking for a suspension on the selling items such as tear gas, rubber bullets and riot shields to the US.
  • Protest – I cannot stress this enough please do it peacefully the violence and abuse is counter productive.
  • Donate if you can afford to – The Minnesota freedom fund has highlighted Black Visions Collective – a Black-led, queer and trans-centring organisation dedicated to Black liberation.
    Thank you to Pink news for these resources.

Take a stand, be aware and fight for change. Most of all educate the ignorance and stupidity of some is breath-taking.

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