The 7th Letter – The Devil In Me

Life has a strange way of testing us so its best to try and deal with issues, as without apparent warning they can bite you whenever they choose. The thing to remember is that life will give you warnings, it listens to what you are putting out into the world and the tirade problems because of unresolved issues will not stop until the cycle is broken.

So how does one break the cycle? Its easier said than done in truth but its really by taking a moment and listening to ourselves. Asking what can we do to resolve these things that hold us back? How can we train ourselves to be better? Its all about having the skills to cope and be tested to show your capabilities.

When you have been stuck in your own way for so long it can sometimes take quite a jolt to bring you back. The journeys that we follow are our own, no one else has experienced the exact same things as you have. Getting out of your own way is a process which can be both pleasurable and painful. Learning that the past has shaped who you are but you can always continue to improve. Past mistakes become lessons with skills you have learnt or at least how not to do it should you were to do it again. For me its a difficult process to deal with whilst still learning to better my mental discipline, its important to extract the positivity from the situation.

The pleasure comes when you break through, by allowing yourself to live with abandon you are living your best life. Imagine the adopted adorable puppy with the cleft palate on Instagram that’s living its best life? That’s you so harness that feeling. So where does one start with this process? Well its important to keep the bigger picture in mind, rather than focusing on one part and blowing it out of proportion largely because everything is interlinked. Be positive about your emotions, if a memory evokes sad memories it’s OK to acknowledge the sadness but don’t dwell on it. As long as you have dealt with the issue it can be ticked off the list, never to bother you again. There is no way round it, everything has to be dealt with, not necessarily all at once but its best before you forget and something comes back to bite you.

This is not the first time I have tried going through this process and I will not lie I have struggled. Today however feels different, recent events have put a lot of things into perspective and if you are not prepared to learn then how can you ever be taught? Changes will come and whether we want them to or not so it is always better to embrace than reject.

It is important to love yourself no matter what, hold yourself with the same respect as you would others. Most important of all love your inner child, respect it, teach it, guide it and listen to it for it will also guide you through your journey. Losing touch with your inner child can make you feel helpless but you can regain control, there are plenty of meditation resources to guide you through reconnecting. Don’t be afraid to push through, it will be another challenge and you can succeed.

It is important to sit down for a moment when you have tried sifting through as much as you can. Take a moment to digest it, is there a common theme? Try and use this as your guiding light to get you through the fog, think about how you would tell someone else to deal with it and take your own advice. Remind yourself you are more than capable of functioning as a normal human being and living a full and healthy life, we all need to check ourselves every so often to remind us where we are in life. Set goals and stick to them, you will feel awesome when they are ticked off your list.

The devil is in the detail – remember that when you are asking the universe for things, speaking negatively in anyway about your self is likely to become a self fulfilling prophecy, much in the same way that you tell a child not to do something and they do just that.

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