Its Just Not British

The institution that is the British cup of tea is one which has been the subject of much contention since its introduction. As I have mentioned in previous posts there are people who believe strongly that their preferred method is the one and only. However I woke up this morning to something which doesn’t even come close to the process of making a cup of tea. A video posted to Twitter by an American mother living in the UK making her version of “British Tea” as she calls it. Intrigued I watched it in silent horror as I watched her fill a mug with cold water and put it in the microwave, my jaw dropped, as it continued she added what looked like a tablespoon of sugar to the water and some milk, only then did she put the tea bag in. If I were not made of stronger stuff this would have put a damper on my day as it seems by the reaction of Twitter that it has done for some.

Passing comment is dangerous, I don’t believe in spreading negativity and that includes passive aggressive comments on social media, having said that it must be noted that what she has made does not constitute tea in any country that I know of and if she were somewhere that tea was grown she would be heavily chastised for that video by those local to her, there are long standing traditional ceremonies for tea the world over – none of them involve a microwave or milk before tea bag has even entered the cup.

A positive takeaway from this situation is that hopefully she will now understand the differences between her method and the rest of the world. She will have learned that microwaving water is just asinine she must have a kettle so there should be no need to add extra microwaves to her diet. We can but hope she has learned especially at the moment not to mock others.

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