Sausage Roll Saturday

For many years the sausage roll has been a staple food for a wealth of people. The simple combination of sausage and pastry is comforting especially when warm from the oven, its not something I indulge in that often but when I do I always make them myself. There are two ways of doing this – buy the pre-seasoned sausage meat or sausages or you can buy the pork mince and season yourself, you will need to add extra fat for flavour and texture. I will happily admit I buy the sausages, I have little inclination to spend too much time on this so it just makes things easier. I also buy the puff pastry sheets for exactly the same reason, I’ve never been good with pastry so the idea of making my own just doesn’t do it for me.

You can spend time jazzing it up with caramelised onion marmalade or some other such condiment, I prefer to leave them as they are – just a brush of beaten egg or milk to glaze the tops. Its up to you, they are easy to make them your own. Whether you are a meat eater or vegan there are options. The “Not Sausage Roll” is actually quite tasty, I also discovered that my local Morrison’s own brand puff pastry is vegan so that’s handy as well.

I work on the principle of 6 sausages per sheet of puff pastry so simply scale up accordingly if you would like to make your own. Its important to use egg or some kind of milk/mylk to stick the pastry down and make sure you slice the tops.
1 x Sheet Puff Pastry
6 x Quality Sausages of relevant variety – meat, vegan, veggie
1 Egg or 2 tbsp of dairy/plant milk
Pre-heat the oven to 180c or 360f
Skin the sausages if necessary
Arrange on sheet of pastry, make sure there is about an inch between them. N.b its easier to use at room temperature rather than straight from the fridge.
Brush milk or egg between the sausages and around the edges.
Fold the pastry over, starting at one end crimp the edge with a fork and slice the other side crimping it in the same way. Repeat until all arranged on a baking tray.
Place in oven for 15 to 20 minutes until golden. Allow to cool for 5 minutes before devouring.

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