Don’t Drag Comedy Into This

Comedy like any other creative element is an art, for some it has meant perfecting their skills over many years for others they are thrust into the limelight overnight. Whether we like it or not there is comedy about every subject with the potential to offend that you can think of. To get offended is your own personal right but I would argue investigating the context and subject of the joke. To give a current example Sacha Baren Cohen’s infamous character “Ali G” first appeared some 18 years ago and is suddenly now offensive to black people. I feel it necessary to explain that they are not the subject of the joke here it is in fact the white person impersonating them that he is parodying. When “Ali G” first appeared on Channel 4 it was a significant moment in comedy, I personally found a lot of it hilarious but I am aware that the true meaning some of the jokes are quite subtle.

Currently Twitter is ablaze with outrage over “Ali G” an interesting turn in what has been a week of serious protesting and increase in awareness of the #blacklivesmatter movement. It stems from a Left wing journalist who seems to have taken offence on the whole of the black community calling it #muhracism. The support has been incredible but in equal measures there has been more sadness and yet somehow someone has suddenly decided they need to feel mortally offended over a comedy sketch from 18 years ago. I suggest it would be more productive to help the movement rather than dwelling on a joke from the past, the only way we can affect change properly is to look to the future not get lost in the past.

Spread a little love not hate once in a while and the world will be a better place.

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