The 20s Are Back….

The roaring twenties were a beginning of the modern music movement, recording technology was improving year on year. It was the dawn of an awkward time in the United States with the start of prohibition but also the beginning of a golden age in music and in Britain a beginning of jazz clubs, post-war was a difficult for most but lucrative for some and the popularity of nightclubs and entertainment venues increased. An era which lead to swing music gaining popularity and now the Twenties have rolled round again and we are now listening to music on our phones currently unable to go out clubbing or to such venues and its highly unlikely it will ever be possible for it to go back to the way it was before the pandemic. However that doesn’t mean that we wont be able to enjoy live music it will just be through socially distanced means.

My current favourite Deezer playlist is Electro Swing 2020 an updated version of some roaring 20s and swinging 30s music but also some new in the same style and some really good covers. Its not always everyone’s cup of tea but I recommend giving it a try. It will have you jumping around the living room to the beat so put it on as work out music or even just to chill out to, it keeps the mood light and positive in an otherwise intense world.

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