Changing the Discourse

The world we live in is entrenched with a discourse of negativity despite the positivity trying to shine through everyday. We see more and more unfold everyday, an eye for an eye is not a healthy reaction to death or systematic racism. Do unto others as you would have them do to you is a rather poignant statement at the moment. If it were your business would you want it burnt to the ground? If you attack someone would you accept being attacked in return? Education is the key to fighting ignorance, rather than fight a war you cannot win why not learn how to better the system?

To think that violence can be fought with violence is stupid because the only thing it achieves is more people getting hurt and surely the point is to stop people getting hurt? If not why are we even bothering? In a world were people hurl faeces like monkeys at each other online because they know they are protected by the virtual world is sick. Researching generally involves cross referencing three sources – you cannot watch one video and assume that it is gospel and nothing anyone else says will make it any different. It is always better to see if there are other perspectives and evidence before assuming you know the situation, because any otherwise people will call your bullshit and they don’t care about your feelings.

Those who successfully affect change are able to educate and lead people to a better place. Not a place of apocalyptic destruction where nothing is left because its all been looted and destroyed. Positivity can spread just as fast as negativity but so many people have stopped believing in it they are able to stop it dead in its tracks. Educate yourself to be the best version of yourself you can and teach people how to better themselves and affect change.

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