The Sign You’ve Been Looking For

Terry looked out the window, he assumed next door were beyond breaking point as they had gone from screaming to eerily silent, the lock down had cast a blanket like feeling across the village. Heavy and dark it made everyone feel tired, despite the beautiful sunny weather which should serve encourage them to enjoy some outside time. There were some who spent as much time outside as possible then there was the kind of people that sat at home and wallowed in their own misery. Terry was usually the former, he hated being indoors and used to spend more time out than in, even in the winter, the weather didn’t bother him he simply carried on regardless. Being forced to stay in was not his ideal situation, there was however not a huge amount that could be done, he was at risk but more importantly his wife was as well so there would have to be sacrifices and compromises. So for her he stayed in and took every precaution known to man to protect her.

Terry knew that there would come a time when they would be able to go back out into the world again, it wasn’t when the government or even the scientists for that matter. The village they lived in was tiny and although not far from the nearest large town it was far enough that they hadnt yet had the virus spread to them. Even the visiting fish monger, grocer and bakers had so far managed to stay virus free, Terry was relieved – it had been a worry that his wife could be seriously ill from accepting the weekly shopping. One day the blanket seemed to lift, there were sunbeams streaming down, the heat was incredible. The wildlife was rampant because no one had been around to disturb them, it amused Terry because he could see the birds playing in his garden and even deer out on the common, they had really being enjoying the peace and quiet.

The light inspired him, he resolved he would go for a longer walk than normal, his wife would be fine for an hour or so as she was currently sedated to prevent her from injuring herself. It was hard to leave her but having only been outside for about 6 hours in the last 8 weeks and the SAD was starting to kick in even though there had been plenty of light outside he hadn’t been able to absorb any and his vitamin D levels were apparently very low, he had a subscription service monitoring his vitamin levels and despite taking extra supplements it wasn’t upping his levels. It was clear he had to get out and about to get some light on him but there was always the worry that something would happen whilst he was out, perhaps he should just stay and go into the garden, plenty of sunlight there and he would still be able to hear his wife, the walkie talkie system hadn’t ever worked properly. It was the sign he had been waiting for, it had taken 8 weeks of hoping and wishing but there it was.

As he stepped out into the radiant sun he realised he was missing all the good things and quickly returned to the kitchen to get a drink and a snack. Once back in the garden he sat on the deck chair and simply relaxed soaking up the sun. After an hour or so he retreated for an ice cream but was back out again moments later, his vitamin D deficit seemed to be levelling out or at least he was starting to feel much better. Over the next few weeks he was more conscious of everything and his health improved no end, it was the little things that had helped him appreciate the situation they found themselves in.

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