A Little Rain Never Hurt

When people gathered to watch SpaceX and NASA’s latest test run they didn’t expect the weather to have any bearing on the mission. Excited they waited on Internet live streams and no doubt in local side roads and other outdoor areas to see Elon Musk’s Demo-2 rocket off into the atmosphere. Sadly it was not to be as a blanket of cloud formed over the launch area, it would be too dangerous to launch under such conditions. So it has now been postponed to Saturday the 30th of May at 3pm EDT and lift off will be at 3:22pm. Orbital mechanics is the other factor in choosing the new time for the launch – that’s when the space station will be in the desired place relative to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Demo-2’s launch site, explained Hans Koenigsmann of SpaceX.

If I were to watch it myself the time would be the middle of the night for me so I will watch it on Sunday, providing it does actually go ahead this time and there are no more hiccups. Its interesting to observe this process going in the midst of a global pandemic, heavy social distancing policies mean that a lot of NASA staff are working from home as with some of the SpaceX staff I would imagine after two of their employees tested positive for the virus.

Space.com kindly provided the link so you can watch it when it does finally go ahead, Space.com/nasa-webcasts. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below or join the conversation at Facebook.com/onlynomeswriting or twitter.com/onlynomesforyou

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