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I find people incredible, there are some who are on this planet to do great things, then there are the ‘I’m not racist but’ type of people and then there are people like Amy Cooper who take it one step further. A confrontation in a park which started with a request for her to place her dog on a leash in a park where it was legally mandated that all dogs had to be secured at all times throughout the area.

The victim in this case a Christian Cooper, a local birdwatcher, asked Ms Cooper politely to put the dog on a leash and videoed her angry response saying she would call the police and tell them an African American man was threatening her. It is important to note that despite the confrontation she was not actually threatened by Mr Cooper at all if anything she was threatening him more than he was her.

The viral video posted by Mr Cooper to his Facebook account claimed that the “dog was tearing through under bushes” he also advised her to go to another part of the park, offering the dog some treats which caused a renewed angry reaction from Ms Cooper who was struggling to control her pup most of the way through the video whilst on the phone to the police reporting the ‘incident’. The media has had a field day with an interesting selection of headlines.

A variety of headlines from Google News

It is a genuine mystery to me as to why she felt the need to behave this way, the apology that she wrote is no better than the situation she found herself in the first place. The spiteful behaviour that she displayed is beyond reproach, in a world where we are trying to encourage diversity and acceptance it is egregious to see this aggressive racist behaviour especially because of other recent events such as Ahmaud Arbery’s brutal murder. As several put on Twitter she was sentencing him to death on the phone telling them he was African American, as I read and write those words it sends chills down my spine.

The persecution of African Americans continues in the USA, despite some improvements and some breakthroughs there are still plenty of states where these horrible incidents seem to carry on on a frequent basis. There is no excuse for racism, we are all equal regardless of ethnicity so people who continue to create problems like Ms Cooper has are just dragging us all back down again. Interestingly according to Twitter she is now on administrative leave from her job whilst her employer investigates the situation so there do seem to be swift consequences to her behaviour she also surrendered the dog back to the safety of the rescue she adopted it from, it seems that racism wasn’t the only thing her documented animal abuse is quite shocking narrated in the voice of the pooch. It truly depresses me that people can be this appalling and still sleep at night.

As yet no arrests have been made but calls for her to be charged with filing a false police report and others continue to fly around the Twitterverse we can only hope that she will be officially reprimanded for her actions rather than getting away with her embarrassing apology.

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