When Martian Viruses Attack

In the midst of a viral pandemic its hard to know whether the potential invasion of an alien virus is merely money spinning speculation or if the threat is real. One thing to bare in mind is that we know very little about space at all so to assume there is no risk would be foolish, but at the moment we have no evidence to say there is either. One former NASA scientist advised the samples which will be collected by the latest Mars trip will be treated as if they have Ebola until the quarantine is over. Having said they have a one sided outdated system in place – NASA’s mainly focuses on protecting other planets neglecting earth to a certain extent. Although the quarantine is an essential part of the process there should be more care taken to protect us as much as the other planets we visit.

The rules are not suited for one of a kind missions like the trips to Mars and there are many calls for them to be re-written according to Bloomberg Opinion “If NASA and other spacefarers want to assure people that they shouldn’t be worried about Martian Ebola, they need to prove that their safety efforts are as fail safe as their engineering.” The new space age we are currently entering is an exciting time and has re-ignited the public’s interested in missions and they will of course be wondering about martians and potential risks.

The issue we have is misinformation which as we have seen with this pandemic has proved how dangerous it is. There are discussions that YouTube have been sanctioning doctors from discussing COVID-19 and there are some who say its unfair to sanction them when there are so many other videos like those posted by flat earthers and conspiracy theorists. The fact is that a flat earther can do literally no damage to themselves they are not going to fall off the edge of the earth. Where as medical professionals posting advice and discussing cases is far more dangerous, everyone is different and you cannot assume that your symptoms will be the same as mentioned by any of them and I very much doubt that a physician’s insurance is valid if they are sued by someone who has watched a YouTube video because they misinterpreted something and it went wrong.

Common sense and regulation is necessary when the internet is literally filled with misinformation, its dangerous, divides people and puts lives at risk cue the current POTUS recommending people drink bleach and someone drinking an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol which put him into a coma and causing his liver to turn it into acetone, which is used to remove nail polish I might add, because he read on the internet that it was going to cure him of the COVID-19 virus he thought he had contracted by touching his face. So if the media mention a martian virus there should be some kind of plan in place by NASA and other space agencies to at least try and protect us rather than an old set of rules which protects the rest of the universe.

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