My Milkshake Brings All the Moths to the Yard

A ray of strawberry-banana energy has come forth amidst the darkness that is this current pandemic situation. Scrolling through the Fun tab on Twitter I happened across someone who had discovered a strawberry and banana milkshake coloured moth and it was on her porch another even joined it later on. The shower of positivity it caused was reassuring as frankly it seems to me that Twitter is a toxic place to be at the moment. Much like Facebook it has a terrifying number of trolls and internet vigilantes causing all kinds of upset and terrible situations.

Need I mention the tragic death of a female wrestler, Hana Kimura aged just 22, no confirmed cause but a series of claims of cyber bullying leads people to make the assumption that she may have taken her own life. It is awful to think that this can happen, the level of bullying she must have received to have felt that course of action was necessary is deeply saddening. This is the second high-profile case this year and not to mention those who aren’t a celebrity, because it can happen to anyone.

Cyber bullying is something that needs to be eradicated – its bad enough we cant shake off other verbal and physical abuse we do not need to be adding this one to the arsenal of ways to torture humans. We can start combating the behaviour by reporting posts, there is no need to enter into dialogue with these people it serves no purpose and potentially makes you their next target. There are institutions helping to monitor the bullying but your first step is the platform you are on, its easy to report and give a reason why you feel it needs to be reviewed against community guidelines. They will sanction the account accordingly and you remain anonymous and hopefully they don’t try and do it again.

If you have ever seen one of these beautiful moths please let me know I think they are stunning.

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