Happy International Tea Day

Tea a very British drink which we found on our travels through the Colonies, it is grown all over the world. The four biggest tea-producing countries today are China, India, Sri Lanka and Kenya, together they represent 75% of world production. Tea ceremonies vary from country to country, there are so many rules you can truly get lost in them, milk before or after if at all, warm the cup or don’t. The tea we pride ourselves on drinking in the UK is the floor sweepings of the factories from whence it came. Most other countries do not use bags and you certainly don’t squeeze it. A teapot is normal practice or a single metal filter and loose leaf tea or tea flowers as you see in the featured image but certainly not a tea bag.

selective focus photography of round silver-colored accessory

The variety of different herbal, fruit and alternative teas is ever increasing and they are becoming more and more popular all over the world. I do like some herbal teas but most of them taste vile to me so I avoid them, however I do like a nice Single Estate Darjeeling and I will have the odd Matcha green tea, my true favourite is Oolong its such a delicate flavour and doesn’t require milk or sweetening.

To get the true flavour of the tea loose leaf is the only way to enjoy your tea, you will understand when you have tried it. I personally don’t think there’s much more effort involved as you should be letting your tea bag brew not squeezing it for speed, if you are taking a break and making a cup of tea you owe it to yourself to do it properly.

Some Tea Terminology

Tea flowers are beautiful to see they open up in the cup or teapot as it brews. My dad is quite interested in tea ceremonies and I bought him some Jasmine tea flowers and a double walled glass so he could enjoy seeing it bloom.

photo of clear glass mug

Teapots whatever the size you want, colour, shape there is one out there for you, of course you will need to make sure it has metal strainers in it for loose leaf if you are doing it properly.

person holding white ceramic teapot

Tea cups a dainty way of enjoying your tea, the wide open mouth allows for maximum aroma and taste.

white teacup on plate surrounded pink roses

Mugs for those of us who need a large amount of tea and don’t have the time to make and drink three normal size cups, also known as ‘a mug of tea’.

flat-lay photography of variety of beverage filled glasses

There is often controversy about how to take your tea but its important to remember that what you like is what you like there is no real right or wrong other than milk definitely second for me. Much like everything else in this world there are people with opinions that’s great for them it doesn’t need to encroach on your preferences.

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