Six All Crammed Into One…?

I was quite shocked to discover that Peterborough had 6 McDonald’s Drive-Thrus. To be truthful its not so much that its Peterborough its a commuter town you are likely to get such things but its the 6 McDonald’s in seemingly such close proximity. Having said that my local Asda replaced its cafe with a McDonald’s and there is another Drive-Thru restaurant less than a mile away so maybe they don’t deem it such an issue. My problem is the constant access to food that is inherently bad for you, it is perfectly possible to recreate healthy and equally unhealthy versions yourself at home saving much money and probably time from queuing.

It got me thinking what the collective noun for 6 McDonald’s and all things considered I think it should be a murder, as in a murder of crows. The fact that in the UK we can have 6 within 5 to 10 square miles of each other is astounding when Serbia banned them from their country completely – citing they don’t want their fast food chains invading their economy. Which I think is fair considering they are working hard to build an economy, yes foreign investment can be useful in boosting an economy but the fact that they are run using a franchise system makes it a much less attractive prospect plus they have more than enough of their own delicious fast food without adding to it.

It seems the South-East of England has a plethora of McDrive-Thru and McDelivery which will all be reopening as they roll out their pilot scheme, chosen for their proximity to the local depot apparently they will be slowly reopening more in due course. One thing I will say is that I haven’t set foot in a McDonald’s for over 5 years now, its not something I plan on doing anytime soon either. There is nothing nutritionally useful about their food, deep fried chips slathered in salt, sounds great but turns you into a walking heart attack (I prefer to do that with my own food thank you). There is also nothing wrong with having it as a treat as long as you remember these things and that its only a treat if you have it occasionally if its once a week or more its not however you justify it.

This should be a wake up call to everyone involved, the planning committees included, is there a need to keep allowing for fast food outlets to be built? We now have thousands I think the UK is more than capable of giving ourselves a heart attack without further outside assistance thank you.

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