In The Friend Zone

We travelled the world together, she is the best friend I could wish for, I always thought that we would be together forever, like Bonnie and Clyde but without the violence. Our relationship has always been platonic although if she would have me I’d be hers in a heart beat.

Karl reflected on what he had written, it was difficult to see her with others – she seemingly preferred to fall in love with the more dangerous types, there was no desire to fall in love with someone who worshipped the ground she walked on. Wearing her heart on her sleeve it was painful for Karl to see her suffering, his friends reminded him constantly that the friend zone was the safest place to be with her, she would drag him into all kinds of trouble.

To date they had travelled the world without incident despite her wandering off intermittently with random strangers to get her fix. She was highly sexually charged, that was one thing Karl knew he wouldn’t be able to cope with, he wasn’t although that might change if he was with her, she attracted all kinds of people with a level of sexual magnetism that rivalled a movie star.

Despite his self esteem issues Karl knew they were destined to be together, they had been inseparable since the day they met at school. It had been a wild ride so far that he didn’t want to end but he knew that eventually she would meet someone she would settle down with, they all had even the ones who said they would rather live fast and die young. The friend zone was indeed a safe place, it was less likely that she would be able to break his heart but watching her did that anyway. Constantly picking up the pieces after her arguments wit unsuitable partners was a struggle for him, his friends said he should be strong and let her deal with it without him, he couldn’t do it, they had known each other too long.

It all sounded a bit obsessive when he thought about it but when you know something you just know. There had been others he had tried relationships with, it had made it difficult between him and Lilly although she showed no interest in him romantically but she didn’t seem to want to let him have his own relationships, she would ring or randomly drop round knowing full well he was with someone else. This irritated his friends they saw it as her leading him on, giving him hope when he didn’t stand a chance, Karl of course wished that she would ‘see the light’ but after 15 years it was starting to look unlikely.

Karl knew that Lilly had many issues, her family life hadn’t been the most stable, relationships consequently were not the easiest. It all came to a head when Karl invited Lilly over after she had been through yet another messy break up after she had spent an hour on the phone crying about her latest beau finding someone else. It was time to put this to bed one way or another he might keep her he might well lose her but he had to take the chance.

As she arrived he could see this one had really made an impression, the tear stained swollen face was distressing enough, despite his misgivings he knew it was time to have the talk. If they didn’t someone was going to get hurt and that was the last thing he wanted. She took over the sofa as usual whilst he went and got tea and cake as he came back into the living room she had fallen asleep from emotional exhaustion. Placing a blanket over her he carried on watching the documentary he had started and finished his tea. Lilly slept for several hours she must have been broken Karl had never seen her this bad normally it was a quick cry and then move on. When she came to he had made dinner, she needed some kind of nourishment so he had made miso ramen her favourite. The noodles had the right effect and they talked late into the night, discussing life the universe and everything much like you do on a first date. When the sun came up the next morning, it was sorted, Karl was still in the friend zone.

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